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Mission San Luis Rey — 6 Comments

  1. Nice photos! I linked this blog post also to my post on the missions we visited since you wrote about it in so much more detail. I have a photo of the skull and cross bones. I would be happy to send it to you. Interesting looking at your photos. I took almost the exact same photo as your photo right under the tombstone but landscape format instead of portrait format. It is such a beautiful mission. Thanks again for suggesting it.

  2. This looks so beautiful and peaceful…I love the contrast between the blue skies and the white of the mission buildings.

  3. YTSL – excellent observation. The scene in Vertigo is actually at San Juan Bautista which is farther north. They all look a bit similar.

    I realized I’ve never blogged about two other missions that I’ve visited including San Juan Bautista. San Juan Bautista is one of my favorites. I’ll post about it in the future although I don’t have really great pictures.

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