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Window Shopping in Amsterdam — 7 Comments

  1. Hi Marta, this is a wonderful and comprehensive post on Window Shopping in Amsterdam. I’m not a big shopper too but I do love window shopping and looking at interesting shops. I’m so intrigued by Knopenwinkel, so I’m going to try to find it. I’m a big Target fan so hopefully I can find Hema too. I’m going to have to pay close attention when I walk around for some of these great display windows. I had to giggle at your comments on the leather store. 🙂

    Now my two weeks (minus two days in Belgium) is beginning to look like not much time with all these fabulous places to check out. I’ve decided to do my day trip to Haarlem and I’m so excited about that. Maybe I’ll get to come across that cool violin shop.

    This is such a interesting, fun and very informative post for visitors heading to Amsterdam Marta. Thanks so much for writing about your experiences, sharing your photos and providing all the helpful the links. I’m getting more excited.

  2. The window about the cat brought back memories of my visit to the Sex Museum. I went to Amsterdam with a friend during my first trip to Europe. We went decided to visit the Sex Museum as a joke. It was hilarious and also very interesting. 🙂

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