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Ricotta Pancakes — 8 Comments

  1. Thanks Chris.

    I don’t have a special pan. I have a 10″ non-stick fry pan that I heat over medium heat.

    Today, I put the butter in when it was hot – potentially a little bit hotter than I wanted and the butter browned right away. I went ahead and poured in the batter (1/3 cup). I usually leave the cake cook until I see one or two bubbles break in the center and the top along the edges start to get a little dry before flipping.

    I think it was the browned butter. 🙂

  2. Browned butter could only add to the scrumptiousness.

    I normally resist the temptation to make pancakes because we go to a local place famous for their pancakes every few weeks, but your recipes and photos are really tempting me!

  3. I LOVE pancakes! I even worked at the iHop when I was in college. Buckwheat are my favorite. I have some ricotta cheese in my fridge right now. If I get my sink fixed soon (leaky faucet/plumbing problems), I may give these a try. (trying to limit my sink use until it is fixed).

  4. Marta again this week you’ve got me wanting pancakes! Those look really beautiful. I’m with Chris I love these pancake posts! Oh so hungry right now.

  5. Ooh – I haven’t had pancakes in an age! Good ol’ Bisquick … I think I have a box in the refrigerator. (eep – wonder how old it is?!) Thanks for a tempting recipe, Marta. 🙂

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