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Burroughs Mountain Anniversary Hike — 7 Comments

  1. This looks incredible and as you both do also! Fantastic sharp photos, looks almost 3D what camera are you using? What a great way to celebrate. Happy Happy Anniversary and many warm wishes for years upon years to follow with hikes back to this point. Wonderful!

  2. Hi Marta, Happy Anniversary to the both of you. All of your photos are so awesome. That is such a beautiful place to hike and I love the friendly chipmunks. Did he have some wine to go with that nut? 🙂 I also love that photo of you on that stone chair. It’s like you’re sitting on a throne on top of the world! Very cool shot. Can’t wait to see next year’s photos….

  3. Belated Happy Anniversary! And holy cow, that chipmunk came right up to you! We have a family that lives under our porch/deck; they drive poor Fala crazy.

  4. Hi Marta: Happy Anniversary to both of you. I am reading this for the first time, seeing it a bit late, but thought such a fantastic way to spend a momentous occasion. Your photos certainly seem to evoke the feelings of beauty of nature and your commemorative accomplishment!

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