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Photohunt: Anniversary — 14 Comments

  1. Getting outside to a special spot that recharges your soul is a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary! Clearly this must be the secret to a long and happy marriage! *smile*

  2. Hi Marta, wonderful photos and a great choice for this week’s theme. Congrats to you and G on your 35th year Anniversary! I love the idea of your traditional hike. The photos are stunning and you two look so happy and ready for another 35 more years…

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Congratulations on both of these anniversaries! I too can’t believe you’ve been married 35 years. That’s amazing. An anniversary hike is a nice tradition. 🙂 Love these photos!

  4. Marta, Double congratulations! And, what super photos. I’ll add a WOW too – 35 years is a remarkable accomplishment as well as blogging for 7 years? I bow my head to you:-)

  5. I’m spending my sat. night catching up on your blog. What a great way to celebrate and these are wonderful memories. Love your photo of G looking at the sunset. You make a great couple. Congrats!

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