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What’s Bloomin in June — 5 Comments

  1. Wow-your garden is blooming. I think I am behind you in the blooming schedule as my delphinium are just budding, altho my allium are into seed now. Your garden is beautiful! How do you travel, work and garden? You must be very good at time management — something that alludes me from time to time. m

  2. Interesting to see what you have in bloom, Marta! Many things, like the lovely delphiniums, peonies, and columbines, just don’t thrive here. Over the years, I’ve tried a lot of them, but I’ve finally decided it’s just not worth it in my climate.

    I love that white cistus! I had one just like it, but it surprised me by dying. I don’t know why, since I’ve got several others that grow like weeds.

  3. I love love love your white Cistus flower! I have never seen one before. Gorgeous! I think the only thing that would keep me sane in the weather you are dealing with is the beautiful flowers you have. I sure do hope it reaches past 75 soon!

  4. Love your blooms! I wish I had a green thumb or was not too lazy… (is more like it for me).

    I love peonies! How lucky you are that you have them right in your garden.

  5. What beautiful flowers — and Marta, please feel free to supply IDs for the flowers I’ve taken photos of — that I’ve put up in different sections of my blog — but don’t know the names of! 🙂

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