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Vegetable Garden 2010 – #3 — 5 Comments

  1. It’s looking good, Marta! It’s a strange year, isn’t it?

    I’m always amazed at how fast pole beans grow. It seems like they just show their first leaves and away they go.

    Love your LOL cat!

  2. I love your cat too! Your garden looks great. It’s a lot hotter here in NC, my spring crops have bolted, and I’ve already picked and eaten 4 tomatoes. I did have a little set-back. After a torrential rain a few weeks ago, a tree fell on my fence and the deer got into the garden. They didn’t wipe me out, thank goodness, but they did some serious pruning of my sunflowers, tomatoes, and beans. Fence is fixed now!

  3. How frustrating! Nice that you don’t have to worry about watering but don’t plants also need the sun? At least that is the simplistic rule we teach in preschool & Kindergarten – that plants need both water and sun to grow 🙂 Of course that is probably why all of my plants die! Enjoy your garden. Keeping my fingers crossed for a heat wave!

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