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Thai Red Curry — 7 Comments

  1. Marta, I’m enjoying your recipes which I feel are quite authentic tasting. I also have this particular red curry and the partner ones of green and yellow curry. It was quite an expensive detour I took to buy these. I was in a neighborhood that I was not familiar with. The market was a tiny one in a little strip mall. I parked slightly over my line of parking. My space bordered lined spacer to a handicapped parking space. My tires were over the lined bars by a fraction. I got a big surprise when I saw a ticket on my car. Had been there only minutes to buy the three curries. I believe the ticket was over $300.00. Wow that was some expensive curry. (And you’re right it’s very very hot.

  2. Wow, that puts my soup expense in perspective!

    The soup was worth it! Now I can try more asian recipes with some of my ingredients.
    I want to try other noodles too!

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