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Surfin’ at Waimea Bay – Eddie Aikau Competition — 7 Comments

  1. Wow, Wow, Wow!!! Fabulous photos! Great job!! Perfect place to watch the surf! I’m sooo excited that you went to watch the Eddie today. What an amazing experience!

    So how long did it take to reach the spot where you parked after leaving your house? I am guessing you parked on the opposite side from the water so how did you ever get out when you left for the day? Although I guess someone let you out to steal your spot. Good idea to go back the other way. You definitely saved a bunch of time by going up along the Windward Coast.

    I wonder just how many people called in sick today. I wish I could have.

    Shave ice – the perfect ending to a great day!

    Thanks so much for posting this! I thought of you and G all day while at work wondering if you made it and where you parked.

  2. I checked with G and he said we left here at 6:20 and we were parked at 7:30. We did one short stop at Sunset Beach before getting to Waimea.

    We parked on the waterside past the beach since we were coming from the west. I’m so glad that I did not turn around to the side opposite the water because we would never have gotten out. Because we were on the waterside and as far away – it took us no time to leave the area and get to Haleiwa.

  3. AMAZING photos! Grumble — grumble — as I shovel snow. At least I have your blog to refer to for better days ahead…Sounds heavenly. Isn’t it interesting how far out these surfers are? From TV, you never envision them to be so far from shore. Matsumoto – my favorite too! Sunset Beach was my first introduction to the North Shore – it’s brilliant at sunset! Mahalo for taking me away with you, M

  4. Hi Marta, how fun to get to see this great competition! The waves are beautiful. Wonderful photos Marta. Makes me miss Hawaii a lot, especially when I saw your last photo. I bet the shave ice was delicious! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. Keep on enjoying yourselves…

  5. Beautiful photos! Way to go! We have friends in Oahu too and they said traffic was nightmare and skipped the whole thing. I really enjoyed hearing about your adventure. Thanks for sharing.

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