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Sunday Market in Kuching — 9 Comments

  1. Great photos!

    Worms! Ewwww! I would have passed on those also. The chicken was also just a little too vivid.

    I have never tried dragonfruit although I have seen it sold here. How do you eat it? I will have to give it a try. The bananas look like apple bananas. Yum! We also have lots of starfruit available here. Yum again!

    Looks like a great market!

  2. Hi Marta, these are fantastic photos. I love that you identified the items for us. I had not heard of Dragonfruit before and seeing them I’m not sure that I’ve seen them either. And don’t blame you on passing on the worms (after seeing the photo of them). And although I do eat chicken I might have passed on that too. 🙂

    The veggies and fruit look so fresh. And the colors in your photos are wonderful.

    Thanks again for writing these very interesting in depth entries on your trip. I find them so interesting!

  3. It all looks so colorful and so exotic. Never seen dragonfruit before. Is it similar to the prickly pear? I love baby bananas (guineos niños)! We fry them in butter and sprinkle them with parmesan cheese or a fresh Mexican cheese.

  4. Dear marta,
    the local name for the sunday market is “PASAR SATOK”.The specialty item at pasar satok is the “TERUBUK MASIN” which is a kind of salted fish.Pls try it, its quite unique and only found in sarawak.Another thing that i want you to try is the famous “MEE KOLOK”.It actually a type of soup noodle and its very tasty.You will find these food only in sarawak.Try it and let me know if its good

  5. xplorer – thanks for the additional information on the market. I did not realize that Terubuk Masin was a specialty.

    Also I tried kolo mee which I think is the same as mee kolok. It was very good although I didn’t like the fish ball. 🙂 My next post is on where we ate.

  6. Dear Marta,

    Thank you for visiting. What make you go to Borneo? I was born and grew up in Sibu, until I was 20. After that, I have been back about 10 times.

    I now live in New Zealand.

    Your photos and journal make me yearn for what was once home. Thanks.

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