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Silverswords and Sliding Sands — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, they are breathtaking. The contrast of the color against the barren scenery is vibrant even in the photos. Sounds like it was worth the wait of a day or so! Glad you seem to have enjoyed it.

  2. Wow – amazing. It looks like a moonscape of some sort! Wonderful photos of both the landscape and the plants. Glad you made it.


  3. Hi Marta, huge Kudos to the both of you! Hiking at that altitude is so challenging. I love all of your photos and it looks like you had beautiful weather. I love the photos of the Silverswords and the views of Haleakala from the top with the clouds below. Amazing.

    Thank you so much for sharing Marta. Congrats!

  4. Just catching up, Marta, with your trip. Beautiful photos and landscape. I had no idea it could be so cold, even at high elevations, in Hawaii.

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