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Return from Hana – Piilani Highway — 7 Comments

  1. You are one brave driver! or George is… 🙂 I took one of the tour busses because I was too chicken to drive those winding roads… Beautiful though…

  2. What an adventure . . . we’ve never been to Maui but once ended up on a similar road in CA – scary at times.

    You’re brave!

    Love the unexpected adventures that one has while traveling.

  3. My wife and I drove the Pi’ilani Highway in late January 2014. At first I was reluctant because of all the messages on various forums warning that the road is very difficult, likely to damage cars, forbidden by rental companies, etc. Then I saw in a guidebook, “Maui Revealed,” that all those presumed prohibitions are a myth.

    I looked further. Sure enough, Alamo had no restrictions about taking that road. It’s a beautiful road, generally smooth and wide enough. It has dazzling views of ranchland on one side and the ocean on the other. The road is lightly trafficked and largely undeveloped but hardly isolated. If we’d broken down, another car would soon have come along to take us to a phone.

    The only caveats are: There are a few blind curves, so honk as you approach them. There’s a stretch that’s not paved, but it’s only about 9 miles long and is well-maintained — no potholes, washboard surface, or any other impediment. I’d suggest taking the road west from Hana, which allows you to be on the inside lane for your entire Hana excursion.

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