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  1. We have lots of those near where we live. It’s windy country around here. It is absolutely amazing how huge those things are when you get up close and underneath them.

  2. I like your choice for this theme. I love seeing this big giants working to generate electricity. AFAIK we don’t have them in AZ but I’ve seen many on the drive to Phoenix from Los Angeles and San Diego.

  3. Great choice for the technology theme. Interestingly, my neighborhood is in a huge debate over this – a little too close to the urban population. The desert or the ocean seems like a suitable place. Definitely an idea and potential solution and a dynamic discussion for a current world topic. Love your photos. m

  4. It is so cool to see all the different takes on this theme. When I see trucks go by with just one blade off these things I am amazed how big they are. I’m so glad we are using them to harness some of the energy from the air movement.

  5. Great choice for the theme this week. I am surprised at how slowly they spin (or turn?). I enjoyed watching the video.

    There is talk of erecting some wind turbines in Kahuku on Oahu. I think there are some on the Big Island already and possibly also some of the other islands. I think it is great to switch to alternative energy when possible.

  6. I am always fascinated by wind farms. This year when we’re driving from Palm Desert to LA I will have to stop and wander around the giant wind farms we pass along the way.

    They are just starting to invest more heavily in this technology here in Ontario.

  7. Ahhhh the power of wind–something I have learned to hate while living on the coast of Southern Australia. I’m glad that technology has found a way to make it useful. I loved the picture with the school bus for a size comparison.

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