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  1. Interesting! The cheese curds look like tofu… and looooove mascarpone cheese. Was introduced to it at an Okinawan izakaya where they serve it on crackers with fish gut mixed in it. 😀

  2. Hahaha, I also used the Burrata experience for today’s theme. You do have better documentation and photos.

    May I copy the last one, please. I think that is of Tracey. Now, I just need to have her make these for me soon.

  3. Great take on the theme. I just visited someone else who attended that educational event and fun to see each of your pictures.

    Thanks for your comment on mine and I wanted to tell you that Plants Delight Nursery is a great place to visit. They have specific open house dates but I think if you are traveling you can probably call and visit other than the open house times. If you are in this area in addition to The NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, NC; Duke Gardens in Durham, NC and the Ralston Arboretum (NSCU in Raleigh, NC) are well worth a visit. It’s nice having all of these interesting gardens in the triangle are of NC.

  4. Marta, Me Three, I blogged “Burrata” today too. It was really fun doing this as a group. The results were surprising to me…I’ve never had such fresh burrata! Wonderful and such a treat to take a class. Have ordered the book and kit for Mike’s Valentines Gift.

  5. hello, marta. i enjoyed looking at the photos and at the same time reading the processes. it is truly an interesting form of education – educating oneself about food!

  6. Hi Marta, great step by step photos and take on this week’s theme. Seems like a few of us had a slow travel education theme going in one way or the other. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your photos of your Slow Bowl get together. Have a wonderful weekend.

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