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Nepenthes Trail at Mesilau Mt. Kinabalu — 11 Comments

  1. This is the post I have been waiting for. I am speechless as the beauty of these Nepenthes. After reading your other post on Nepenthes, I googled them to see if they grew here in Hawaii and ended up watching YouTube videos of mice and snails and bugs falling over the edge into the water inside the Nepenthes. I have a hard time imagining how the Nepenthes digests the mouse.

    Very cool photos! How exciting that you were able to hold a Nepenthes. The a paphilopedium orchid is beautiful also. I am glad you didn’t end up having to hike with the big group of hikers blocking the road for their photo. Thanks so much for posting these photos!!

  2. Your photos are phenomenal! I enjoyed this post SO much!

    Funny story for you. A tourist site has chosen one of my photos from my flickr site to use in a Melbourne tourist campaign.

    The funny thing is, it’s a photo I took from the net, and photoshopped myself and my car into as a joke, to post on my digital scrapbooking forum!

    I am STILL laughing over them choosing it. What a hoot!!

    Marta’s Reply: Congratulations – That is great news. Isn’t it fun when you get published. Are you going to blog when it is published?

  3. Those are such amazing plants, worth traveling halfway around the world to see. Love the cradle and foot photos, really gives me a sense of how large they are.

  4. Girasoli, it does happen in the wild but rarely. It is much more common for small insects to be attracted to the liquid and fall in. I found that video and showed it to my husband. He thought it was rather cruel. The poster had set the mouse up specifically to fall in and drown just to see what would happen.

  5. Marta, What a wonder that trip was. Your photographs of all the plant life are incredible and educational. I’m sure you and your husband were so happy to be in this exotic world of plants…a botanists dream.
    Love the shot of your shoe next to Napenthes Raja. How other worldly that plant is.

  6. OMG! I didn’t realize it was a set up. That was really cruel! There should be a warning on that video.

    Marta’s Reply – I think there is another one where the mouse is successful at getting out and one where the owner opens up the pitcher to see what is left. Fortunately nothing. You can really tell that it is in a green house in the one where he cuts the pitcher open. That is why we think it was somewhat staged – sadly.

  7. Hi Marta, great post and your close-up photos are so beautiful and crisp. I enjoyed reading about your hike and about the Nepenthes Rajah. It is so big and also beautiful. I love that first photo of you holding one. Pretty cool!

    The hiking trail looks great too. What a wonderful experience for you and your husband. Thanks so much for sharing and posting your awesome photos. I’m looking forward to reading more and seeing more of your trip photos!

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