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  1. Thank you for sharing these shots.It’s been quite a while since I’ve driven Route 1 – it’s so picturesque. Thanks for the reminder of a beautiful part of CA. Menehune

  2. Beautiful photos. Both the Garrapata State Park and the Bixby Creek Bridge shots remind me a lot of Hawaii. If I was driving, I would also stop often along the way.

  3. Marta, I didn’t realize that you drove down to Paso. Your photos are just gorgeous!

    So, you are the one who went to Peachy Canyon? Did you bring that lovely viognier to the Slow Bowl party? If so, you have such good taste – it was wonderful!

    Marta’s Reply – Thanks! Yes, I brought the Viognier. Wasn’t it good?

  4. That is such a beautiful drive isn’t it! I can’t believe the folks who race along and don’t stop to explore a bit. When we went up to Carmel Paul thought that we’d never get there because I stopped so much!

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