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  1. Great list, Marta! I see some overlap with what I already have, but there’s also a bunch of stuff I’ll have to go looking for. Thanks!

  2. When we were in Venice we enjoyed a tour with Christina. One of her rules for living in Venice was ‘never listen to bad street music – it will kill you!’

    The funny thing is, I enjoy all street music. Bad or good. It is such an enexpected treat!

  3. We have very similar taste in music. I have a collection of French music c.d.’s and think that I might have every one of these songs! I purchased Carla Bruni’s c.d. right when it came out, and hardly anyone had heard of her. Who would have thought she would be the next first lady of France? I followed the Sarkozy election pretty closely and since he was married to someone else, who would have thought that Bruni would be his wife while he was President? Any way, I have the c.d.’s of Karen Ann, Peyroux, Hardy, Clement, Pink Martini,and more on your list. I got excited when I saw how many fun songs you listed 🙂

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