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Driving the backroad – FS5900 Entiat to Chelan — 5 Comments

  1. Beautiful wildflowers and the mountain vista is stunning! But isn’t it odd that there hasn’t been regrowth yet from the Tyee Creek fire? You’d think after 16 years trees would begin to come back.

  2. What a drive… the first photo shows a place that looks like it’d be a nice hiking trail but a scary drive! As for the areas where the fire occurred: I think it’d be an eerie place if the sky weren’t so blue…

  3. Wow what beautiful scenery. I love your take on the triangle theme – For no good reason I couldn’t access the comments on the post. And sorry for the lateness of my visit

  4. Once again, great scenery. Quite a contrast between the devastation of the fire and the sweeping vistas. I, too, couldn’t access the comments section – fine now..FYI.

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