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Dayhiking on the Mesilau Trail at Mount Kinabalu — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Marta, I enjoyed reading this post about your hike and your photos are beautiful. That did look like a steep hike but your views from the trail are gorgeous. I don’t know that much about flora, but I do enjoy learning about them from your posts and photos. I really enjoy your close-ups to get a better look.

    Thank you for sharing more about your trip and for posting some of your photos.

  2. Thanks Marta for taking me on this virtual hike. This is a hike I would love to do. It looks hard too. I never like it when they think that the wooden logs or steps make it easier, I don’t think it does. I’d rather not have them there when I hike.Your photos are beautiful.

  3. I am so glad you wrote more about this hike and added photos. I remember reading about it when you were blogging from Borneo.

    It looks like a great hike to do. I don’t know if I would have made it as far as you did in the shape I am in right now though. Even though going down is usually faster it is definitely not easier on your legs. I am glad you were able to change your second hike with the ranger to the following day. You probably would not have enjoyed it if you were worn out from the first hike.

    Love your photos. How cool that you saw a Nepenthes in the wild. I probably would have missed it as it is almost camouflaged.

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