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Curry Laksa — 6 Comments

  1. Oh, I wish I had a bowl of that right now! Looks wonderful, I’ll be trying it very soon. A little Asian grocery opened in my town, so ingredients are finally easy to come by.

  2. Marta this soup looks delicious! I even have the rice noodles in my refrigerator. I might have to try this one. Asian food is one type of food that is easy for me to get. We have a designated aisle in every supermarket. The only thing I will have to search a little harder for is the lemon grass and the kaffir leaves. I love Thai and Vietnamese food. I am guessing Malaysian food it similar. Can’t wait to read about the food on your trip.

  3. Hi Marta, this dish looks really delicious. I like curry dishes, but I don’t think I’ve tried any Malaysian style. It looks really good.

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing and posting this recipe.

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