Vegetable Garden 2017 #1

Vegetable starts 2017

It has been a very wet and cold winter. We got several days of snow in December before Christmas and again in January. We had a long string of days also with lows into the teens.

The crocus were a week or two late and then the squirrels ate them. We definitely need to move them. The iris in our bulb box was in full bloom by the 15th along with the snow drops. The iris is looking sad now from more rain.

G started the early vegetable seeds on February 25th. Two types of lettuce, Nevada and Outrageous. Three types of snap peas – Sugar Anns and Sugar Sprint which are shorter and we will put in the pots. We are going to try Super Snap Peas in one of the beds which have new soil and never had peas. They are supposed to be more disease resistant and hopefully they won’t get wilt.

We did a bit of cleanup in the front year. We clipped the ornamental grasses and did a little bit of leaf cleanup. On my list of projects is to deadhead and start some weeding. The forecast looks for a long cold spring but we will see.

Seed packets


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  1. Congrats on your retirement! Seriously, congratulations. The packing photo was classic. Looks as if everything is still as advertised at your operation there. Take it easy.

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