Vegetable Garden 2017 #5

Garden 2017 Planting tomato pots

I missed posting about the garden in May so I am doing a late post in June from memory and pictures. I am dating it as May 29th when I took the picture.

The weather has warmed up. It was a gorgeous Memorial Day weekend – one of the best on record. We have hung out around the house and did a King Tide walk on Friday along Richmond Beach and visited BBG on Saturday. I was somewhat disappointed with BBG since the warm weather has pushed some flowers ahead.

Monday we did our traditional planting of our tomatoes plants in the pots in the drive way. We have a couple of extra and we may put them in the raised beds in the back.

We have harvested radishes which have been great. The Easter Egg type are wonderful and it helps to mulch them extra. We have also harvested some lettuce. The potatoes are growing like gang-busters. I have been adding soil everyday. The peas are starting to pod so it will be a couple of weeks for a harvest. We also transplanted the corn and the rest of the bush bean starts.

Garden 2017 Lettuce, radish and beans

Garden 2017 Potatoes

Garden 2017 Corn

Garden 2017 Peas getting tall

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