Vegetable Garden 2017 #2

Tomatoes are started

Not much happening in the garden right now. March has been very rainy – in fact the whole winter has been rather gray, wet and cold. But the seeds have been started.

Since the last update, we have started our tomatoes and some annuals. We are growing 6 tomatoes; Stupice, Legend, Taxi, Siletz, Early Girl and a Yellow Pear cherry. We also started some Gypsy peppers from seed that we save and we will see how they do. For annuals, some Empress of India dark Nasturtiums and salpiglossis.

I have a bit of cabin fever because it has been raining. I have been walking with a group at Green Lake so I am getting out but just haven’t wanted to do anything in the yard since everything is so squishy.

Rainy March

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